Machine 2000E Standard
Machine Size Sort KTS 15
Machine drum dryer WT1000
Washing machine 80-200
Machine weighing 2212
Our air purifier TLV 3000

Whether grading, washing and drying, weighing, filling or sealing, we always guarantee a completely successful result.

Upmann Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH manufactures both standard and custom-built machines. This enables us to explore our customers' individual wishes in detail and to transform them into reality in the best possible way.

Over 200 years of tradition and the Professor Adalbert Seyfritz Prize for exemplary technology transfer are just two of the major successes of our company.

We combine our experience with the latest technology to provide the best combination of both.

Upmann foodtec was formed in 2013 to provide optimal solutions to the food industry. But at the same time a continuously growing number of non-food companies are relying on our company as well. They find it increasingly easier to process their products professionally and precisely when using our modern machines.