Upmatic Box Tipper TYPE KKG 1600

When something has to come out of the box

Boxes can be placed in the frame with a forklift or pallet truck. The hydraulic rotation is activated with a push-button, cable switch or fully automatically.

Here, the product can be fed in doses to the downstream machine. The design may vary depending on the application.

Machine description

The machine essentially consists of 3 parts. Heavy, doweled machine frame, swivel-mounted swivel frame and hydraulic system with cylinders. The angle of rotation is approx. 140° from the horizontal.

  • Machine model

    Available in lacquered, galvanised and stainless steel. The machine designations depend on the dimensions of the boxes to be emptied. Common lengths are 1,000 mm-2,400 mm. The crate heights are between 800 mm - 1,250 mm, the depth between 800mm - 1,200 mm.


  • Technical data

    Total width = box length + approx. 600 mm


  • Accessories

    • Incl.switch-cabinet

    • Light grid
    • Radio remote control

    Individual request