Upmatic Sedimentation Tank TYPE SDB-15-4500

The little sewage treatment plant

The sludge water is pumped from the washing plant into the sedimentation tank to settle in the funnel. Rising water runs via a cascade into the return to the wash or into a canal. No chemicals are used.

Fields of application

Machine description

The sedimentation tank consists of a vertical pipe with a steep funnel in which the sludge collects. Water circulation volume
up to 3m³. The tank has a manual and a pneumatic gate valve.

  • Machine model

    • Available in galvanised and stainless steel.
    • SDB-15-4500
  • Technical data

    • Clarification capacity: circulation volume 3m³/h


    • Rated voltage: 230 / 400 V bei 50 / 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: -
    • Air pressure: 4 bar unlubricated
    • Air consumption per cycle: -
    • Water requirement: -
    • Connections: DN65
    • Hight: 4.500 mm
    • Diameter: 1.500 mm
    • Discharge height: 1.100 mm
    • Weight of the machine: 1000 Kg
  • Accessories

    Sludge organs:


    • Hose pinch valve
    • pneum. Knife-gate valve
    • Eccentric screw pump

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