Upmatic single case filler

Here, the crate is filled in an extremely product-friendly way!

Due to the vertical conveying direction in connection with the lowering unit of the crate filler, the drop height can always be reduced to a minimum. This remains constant during the entire filling process.

Fields of application

Machine description

Adaptable to different containers and available for different products.
Integration with all common transport systems, as well as fully automatic function.

  • Machine model

    • Available in lacquered, galvanised and stainless steel.
  • Technical data

    • Filling capacity: on request
    • Rated voltage: 230 / 400 V at 50 / 60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 2.0 kW
    • Air pressure: -
    • Air consumption per cycle: -
    • Water requirement: -
  • Accessories

    • Various filling widths
    • Adjustable filling speed
    • Level monitoring
    • Product stop Crate change